Maintenance and Repair

on existing roofs

Industrial Roof

maintenance and waterproofing

Repair and maintenance

on office and industrial buildings/factories

Painting and Renovation

on roofs and of buildings

About Nurite Roofing

The Company was founded by Nico Killian in 1997. Nico, by that time had worked in the roofing industry, first for Everite for 9 years, and had identified a need for a specialist roofing company to focus on repair and maintenance in the Bloemfontein area.

Two of Nurite Roofing’s key personnel members, Chris and Lourens De Wee also worked with Nico in the same company and when he left to start his own company, they followed to join the formidable team that they still are today. Nurite has since grown into a respectable company with staff consisting of four Site Managers, each with a team chosen from a pool of permanent employed workmen, well experienced in different areas of roofing and building.

Nurite Roofing pride themselves on specializing in Slate roofs, Cement tile roofs, as well as Harvey tiles. Nurite however not only works on resedential buildings or houses, but the company also developed their expertise in Industrial Roof Maintenance and Waterproofing, as well as maintenance and waterproofing on multistory buildings and office blocks.

No leak is to big to cover or to small to find for this experienced team, and weather it is a flat cement surface or a 80 degree roof or a 12 story building with glass pannels, no job is impossible to do for these fearless men. Nurite have also broaden its area of service delivery to include other provinces such as Northern Cape and North West Province and also Lesotho.

Slate Roofs

Conventional slate roof used in conjunction with slatex undertile waterproofing membrane & Ripper slate roofs

Cement Tile Roofs

By using concrete roof tiles you can be assured of a long-lasting roof covering with an aesthetically pleasing appearance

Harvey Tiles

Lightweight yet strong, the overall cost effectiveness of Harveytile is legendary.

Industrial Roofs

Maintenance and waterproofing on multistory buildings, office blocks and industrial roofs

Our Services

Existing Roofs

Maintenance and Repair of existing roofs


Waterproofing on Roofs and Cement Surfaces


Working closely with Engineers we do structural repairs to roof trusses

New Roofs

Erecting Roof Structures and Cladding of new roofs


Erecting and Cleaning of gutters and downpipes


Painting and Renovation of Roofs and of Buildings

Office / Industrial Buildings

Repair and Maintenance on Office and Industrial Buildings/Factories

Polycarbonate / Fiberglass

Installation of Polycarbonate/Fiberglass sheets